Friday, June 26, 2009

More on the Moxie Girlz

Well it looks like the Moxie girlz are finally here. The overall line look is definitely much sweeter. It will be interesting to see if die hard Bratz fans follow the collection. The first wave of dolls which you see pictured below will be called Jammaz. The full set pictured includes several accessories from previous Bratz sets. Including Chloe's guitar... With that said, it also seems as if MGA will be keeping the Bratz dolls names. Personally, I think this is a huge mistake on their part. The line is already completely different. I'm surprised they wouldn't start over with a clean slate and try to pitch the Moxie Girlz with a whole new identity.
Moxie Girlz Set with Sasha

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'kay said...

I agree about giving the Moxie Girlz names for themselves instead of keeping the Bratz name!

They ARE different! Besides, with the legal business with Mattel they would have shown Bratz fans that they can come up with something different and still "kill" it.

Now it's more like clinging desperately to a golden egg...forgetting about the chicken who mothered them.

I prefer Bratz over Barbie but right now, I find Mattel's strategy more...likable.

On another more brighter not though, I really like the new outfits.